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About us

CONTE GROUP is a next-generation construction company with boundless creative solutions in engineering and design on one hand and rationalism and pragmatic approach to the construction process on the other. The needs and wishes of our clients is our priority, and our main goal is creating the most pleasant environment via the most efficient means within optimal timeframes.

The company was founded in 2012, and throughout the years has successfully completed versatile architectonic projects in housing, commercial and industrial constructions, winning the trust and confidence of our clients for treating each project responsibly and keeping our promises.

Our team handles project design and negotiation, coordinates the construction process from the very beginning to completion of facility and commissioning process.
Professional Values
Our team is composed of expert staff, with extensive experience in construction and reconstruction of office facilities and industrial spaces. Each of our employees possesses the invaluable quality of paying attention, listening to and hearing our clients. Not a single demand will be left unattended! We will find optimum solutions and execute them via best means available.

Our goal is to create a space in the shortest timeframes, in all ways possible corresponding to our customers' wishes, respecting legislative norms and construction regulations to the letter.
Construction and repairs can give you a headache...
but never when working with us!

Our Priorities
Ergonomic and customised workspace, filled with modern high-quality tech, helps achieve your employees' potential.
The use of digital technologies through all the stages of construction process: from design and documentation preparation to timeframe control and quality assurance. Regular communication between the client, their project manager and the head of our company allows to resolve any questions arising during the construction process without losing a minute of working time.
Responsible attitude towards any made agreements is our calling card. We don't make hasty promises and always consider our abilities carefully, however, once concluding a contract, we will make every effort to carry it out unconditionally.
The office of your dreams
Modern technologies allow the professionals to make any wish of yours a reality.
Space transformation
A modern office is all about rationality, in place of fixed working areas now thrives the concept of office space flexibility and transformability. Mobile design, spaces with flexible geometry: these nuances give you a sense of freedom and allow to adjust the properties of a space for current needs.
Integrated office space
Digital technologies progressively occupy areas of our daily life, allowing for solutions that maximise the efficiency of office work. One cannot imagine a modern space without networking, optimised data transfer, and presentation equipment. However, the technology evolves so rapidly, that only the expert specialists are capable of evaluating the specific needs of a specific case. Starting from the stage of design we offer effective and up-to-date systems for office management.
What will we leave behind?
Caring about the impact on the environment gives our planet a future.
Energy-saving technologies and greenhouse gases discharge reductions: office digitalisation not only cuts maintenance expenses, but also makes the world cleaner. We propose solutions, allowing to create and develop an office ecosystem, contributing to the balanced and harmonious development of your business.
A modern office must be safe. Using certified, ecological materials from trusted manufacturers; strict accordance to sanitary and fire-prevention norms; tight control over every step of construction: this is our policy towards constructing an office, regardless of the budget.
Our Services
CONTE GROUP is an expert construction company, providing a full range of design and construction services.
General contracting
Building reconstructions
Composite decorative works
Engineering systems
Office renovations
Ludmila Knyazeva
Director General
"I'd like to note your professionalism, efficiency and timely completion of set objectives, ability to hear the client and understand their demands... We are confident about our ongoing partnership."
Victor Brovko
Project manager

"CONTE GROUP demonstrated professionalism, high qualifications level, technological proficiency and excellent quality of construction work. The team took into account all our wishes and promptly proposed solutions to difficult engineering issues."
ТМХ Инжиниринг
U.A. Orlov
Director General

"The managers looked into and took into account all of our wishes, offered and implemented modern solutions and progressive technologies."
A.V. Levankov
Economics and Finances Vice-president

"Thanks to CONTE's specialists responsible attitude and a trusting relationship established through the course of work, we were able to bring to life all our wishes, regarding the visual and technological aspects of the office, in a very short timeframe. CONTE Group fulfilled all commitments made on time."
A.U. Karkushko
Communications and corporate culture manager

"During our partnership we gained much confidence in the company's trustworthiness and its ability to complete any kind of projects in short timeframes without losing the level of quality... We wish CONTE GROUP luck! We will definitely recommend you as a trustworthy partner for office constructions."
E.R. Krasnov
Chief Financial Officer

"We thank CONTE team for truly caring about the project and promptly resolving questions appearing during the construction process."
U.U. Gnezdilov
Director General

"We recommend CONTE GROUP as a trustworthy, flexible contractor, that takes into account all the wishes their customer has and completing the constructions in strict accordance with all the norms and regulations."
ФК "Открытие"
T.S. Kibizova
Director General ООО «Пауэр Ресорсес»

"CONTE GROUP is our partner in the area of constructions for 3 years now. During the time CONTE showed full ability to address the objectives with responsibility and complete the constructions with high level of quality, within the set timeframes. What really speaks about the company is the high professionalism and staff organisation, and a strong team spirit."
A.V. Lamparter
Director General ООО ЛЕВИУМ

"Flexibility, mobility and operativeness in solving arising tasks define the company. During the construction period the highlight was work safety and following technical norms."
D.L. Gorin
Director General

"CONTE GROUP demonstrated the highest standard of professionalism, expert qualification of the specialists, technological proficiency and high-level quality of construction work. The facility was commissioned on time, without exceeding the financial budget."
A.R. Farizanov
IT-department Chief Manager

"All the work was completed in a highly-professional manner, in full accordance with the agreed timeframe and budget. We thank CONTE GROUP for their work and recommend the company for construction projects completion."
E.R. Abdullaev
Chief Executive Officer
"Thanks to the responsible attitude towards towards the project and the high professionalism of the team overseeing the construction process, CONTE GROUP is now esteemed as a valuable, trustworthy partner with great potential for resolving challenging tasks."
P.K. Dyachenko
Infrastructure Dept. Director

"In completion of the project, CONTE proved themselves as a highly qualified and trustworthy partner."
НТК Холдинг
T.U. Poplavskaya-Giray
Chief of Commercial Real Estate

"The completed renovation is highly professional and of grade A office space quality, successfully managed in short terms."
V.A. Danshin
Real Estate Manager

"We confirm the high level of professionalism of the team in completing the project, their readiness to adapt to changes, and loyal attitude towards the customer's demands. We recommend CONTE as a partner in construction projects."
"Передовые платежные решения"
A.U. Korkushko
Chief Internal Comunications and Corporate Culture

"Some of the indisputable advantages of CONTE are the quality of work, swift pace, and responsibility towards their commitments. We will confidently recommend CONTE as a trustworthy partner in office construction."
ООО "СберАвто"
P.V. Mkrtychan
Director General

"The new office space completely reflects the design project and amazes the employees and our guests."
O.P. Klimenko
Project Manager (GPM)

"All construction works are completed in strict correspondence with the timeframes and within the limits of our budget. It was a pleasure for us to work with the amicable and understanding employees of CONTE."

Moscow, Butlerova st., 17
"NEO GEO" business centre

Ph.+ 7 (495) 150-80-48